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Children’s Divine Liturgy
St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral
Washington, DC

Visiting a local parish is the first step to experiencing Orthodoxy’s ancient process of salvation. While visitors are always welcome, we suggest that you enhance your experience by calling the parish priest prior to your first visit and asking him what he sees as the best introduction to the Divine Liturgy.

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Orthodox Monasteries

Monasticism has a long and profoundly important history with Orthodoxy. From the earliest days, committed men and women assembled themselves to live in devotion to Christ through constant prayer and continual service.

Many monasteries welcome visitors in search of prayer and Christ’s peace for an overnight stay. Contact one nearest you to see what arrangements could be made.

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Women’s Monastic Communities in North America

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Serving Others in the Orthodox Way

The notion of Service within Orthodoxy is multi-faceted and holistic. Service to others through our faith is intended to “pull back the veil” and reveal elements of the Kingdom of God already present in this world through the saving work of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Our most essential service to others is rendered through worship, our Divine Liturgy. Liturgy, in the sense intended from the original Greek leitourgia, means “the work of the people of God” and “a duty of the citizen in God’s Kingdom.” In every Liturgy, we pray for health, peace, and freedom from want for the entire world as much as for ourselves. As fruit grows from a tree, our charitable service grows naturally from liturgical and personal prayer.

“God calls us to share in His love, a love that expresses itself in acts of compassion for all who are broken and in need. In doing this, we become God’s own hands. Such practical service changes lives and transforms our world, one person at a time.

“Participation in God’s compassion is more than a human rights issue. In taking up this task we work out our own salvation and affirm the ‘very good’ that God has already spoken over each human being.” FOCUS North America

Click here for information and links to agencies of the Orthodox Church that serve in North America and globally. Local parishes have their own service opportunities available.


FOCUS North America

Hogar Raphael Ayau Orphanage

Guatemala City, Guatemala


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