January 25, 2016

Dear Barbara, Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

On behalf of all at the seminary and in the Diocese of Alaska, thank you so very much for the box of books we received, well in time for the new semester. We are so very grateful! We will put them to good use here, and make sure that our students take them into distant villages where they will be ministering.

May God bless all who make this gift possible, and may their prayers and labors bring forth fruit that will remain.

Fr. David C. Rucker, MDiv, DMiss (ABD)
Priest, Orthodox Church in America
Mission Specialist, OCMC and Diocese of Alaska
Assoc. Professor, St. Herman Theological Seminary

This is a stimulating book which clearly presents Eastern Orthodox teaching. Clarity is a real strength. Having studied New Testament Greek for several decades now, I especially enjoyed puzzling through some of the Greek citations. In C S Lewis’ Mere Christianity he focused on essentials of the faith and what it is to believe on The Lord Jesus Christ — Pappas has accomplished a parallel presentation, and effectively so. Her challenge to ‘instant salvation’ is potently made, and of special merit for the Reformed.

Douglas Carr